A dream cum true

Where the fuck is this from….it is FUCKING AWESOME!

i am soooo jealous of her :-(

Jesus H on seven crutches … so worshipful.



Each of the male tease slaves needed to be milked once a month, and Nadia was required to quickly and efficiently extract their pent-up cum before returning them to the pleasure pool. Still, despite herself, some of the men got to her. The big brown eyes and desperate pleading look in this one ALWAYS made her wet, and she looked forward to his extractions! Although he always arrived throbbing within his cage, she would increase his desperation by offering him her breasts as she positioned him, then take extra time binding his balls to make certain that, despite his intense need to cum, extraction would be a long and powerfully stimulating event. She loved to watch his tension as she used the massage wand to push his confined but throbbing cock into orgasmic mode. His gasps and spasms made her SO wet she sometimes would cum just squeezing her thighs as she watched him helplessly writhing! She always made sure the want tormented him long after he had spent himself until his clutching hands and feet went limp. As she cleaned up the residual fluids, a smile filled her face behind the surgical mask, knowing she would cum MANY times remembering his thrashing and fantasizing about being under his lips or, dare she think it, ON his cock as he exploded!!!!! Although the explosive orgasm and post orgasm torture had rendered him comatose, she was already looking forward to next month and hoping the women of the club were VERY wicked to him in the interim!






Blonde fucked at her Gyno’s, and his assistant blows his cock.


das macht sie sehr gut!! So soll es sein